We arrived in Kauai after lunch. And headed up the mountain to find our house we rented. It did not disappoint!

Our guest home for the week, house in the gardens.
An expansive deck and a South East facing windows looking down to the ocean side.
Our front door for the week!

Our host owns three different houses on her property. She has avocado trees and other types of produce growing on her land. I only know of the avocados because I picked them daily to eat with my breakfast.

These are some of the largest avocado (6" diameter!); not mention perfectly ripe from the tree.

As well as a pond with a little yoga/meditation room in the center.

A peaceful escape.

The girls loved the inside of the house because of the ladder to get to the upper level bedroom.

Upstairs bedroom.
Looking down to first level bedroom. The girls were able to beckon and call all they wanted.

After we got unpacked we went to check out Moloaa Bay. It's best to get here as early as possible. There is very limited parking and the locals are quite aggressive to keep spots since most of the locations are cramped into a barely two lane road. Adding a few dozen cars on the side and things get cramped fast.

Prepared to get wet some. The mountains have small fresh streams that from time to time roll through the beach access. We had to carry the girls across a 6 inch deep by 6ft wide stream.

There was a really bad undertow in the  water while we were there so the girls didn’t get in past their ankles. But ideally this beach has a lot of protection further out and is a great place to swim with the family. There is plenty of sand for all!

Even though it was cloudy, we feel very fortunate about the weather we were having both from Maui and here. It rained the two weeks before we came out and hardly any rain while we have been here.

Sometimes when traveling with kids you have to compromise on food. We heard about a really good roadside burger shack on Kapaa called Duane’s Ono-Char Burgers. Very delicious burgers for dinner.

Local food is always the best.