We had the pleasure of taking our girls on our anniversary trip to Maui. Hawaii holds a special place in our heart. No other place like it. We have been to the "Big Island" and Oahu on previous trips. We were soon going to be marking Kauai off our list too.
I had researched a TON before going. I read 219 blogs to be exact, on what the best activities were to do and restaurants to eat at. Then, my husband and I coordinated what we wanted to do and pair it up with restaurants and activities in same location. So each day, was a different section of the island.
Our first day, we got in after lunch and went straight to the grocery store. Then we headed to our condo. Which they ended up having a nice little condo party that night.

Evening music outside our door.

The next morning, we found this awesome place for donuts called Dynamite Donuts.

Our morning menu :)

We met the owner who let our daughter help her out.

Doing the days work

Here’s our picks for the week! Some really good Poi donuts might I add!

Purple is for Poi

After breakfast, we headed out in search for Black Sand Turtle Beach (around mile marker 14) which we thankfully found.

One of Maui's "black sand" beaches

This sand is unbelievable and feels so smooth.

Dark and rich, smooth sand

We told the girls it was time to say goodbye to this beach and move on to others on our list.

The girls enjoying every moment.

Which brings us to Baby Beach!

The wonderfully calm 'Baby Beach'

One of my favorite beaches on Maui because the sand is so soft and the water was calm and such a pretty blue.

Nice shaded areas at the back of the beach, butting up to backyards.

Kids approved too. Especially since there were little crabs to chase.

Shallow water, perfect for crab hunting.
The local beach owners.

Next was the Outlets of Maui. Apparently, December is the time to shop because they had a lot of 70-80% off sales.

Lahaina outlet malls (tourist trap)

Worked up an appetite so we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe. We have a few picky eaters on our trip.

Prepared for a big meal.

After lunch, we headed back in the car for our next beach destination. Which was Napili Bay.

Napili Bay Beach. Very popular and packed!

I would tell you it was my kids favorite except I’m not sure if it was the beach or the boogie board a kid had that they played with. My girls actually liked each beach we went to for different reasons.

Napili Beach cove keeps a nice comfortable water spot

We packed up and headed for the Nakalete Blowhole. For some reason I thought it was going to be a park your car and take a quick picture. Nope, it’s a walk down a rocky path and take a picture moment. Pretty neat nonetheless.

Nakalete Blowhole

The surrounding views once you get there.

Nakalete Blowhole surrounding water; very choppy.

Love this picture. Reminds me of a painting.

Nakalete Blowhole scenic views

Stopped on the side of the road to get a picture of the scenery.

On the road to Slaughter House Beach; amazing views.

We had two things that didn’t work out this day. One being, after the Nakalete Blowhole we set off for Slaughter House Beach which we unfortunately didn’t find. We’re not sure if you have to hike down to it or if it’s right off the road or what. But we couldn’t get clear directions on where exactly it was at. Maybe the next visit! And the other being, there were so many recommendations on food trucks at Costco parking lot. One specifically being Geste Shrimp Truck. I LOVE shrimp so you can understand my disappointment when we didn’t find it. I’m not sure if the food trucks no longer show up there or what. But there wasn’t a single food truck in the parking lot. Maybe it was just that day? It happened to be a Tuesday.
Instead we went to our next on the list restaurant which was Da Kitchen. Delicious! We got the special of the day which was 3 different kinds of meat cooked in different spices.

Yummy Da Kitchen!