We had the morning to ourselves until afternoon to do with however we liked. We decided to take a cab and check out the iconic Bondi Beach.

We found the beach walls with tons of artwork. Here’s one of my favorite.

We walked along the boardwalk and decided to stop for some iced coffee. Which is made different than our iced coffee in IL. They put a scoop of ice cream in with it.

After walking the boardwalk, we decided to try and walk the coastal walk from Bondi beach to Coogee walk. The real goal was to make it to Brunte which is not quite as far as Coogee walk. We didn’t really know what we were looking for and had limited time so I don’t think we made it to the goal. Regardless, this walk had breathtaking views being that it as up in the cliffs.

Kids sitting on the cliff.

Walked out to take a peak off the cliff. We noticed a lot of people sat and read books or meditated at spots like this. I don’t blame them!

These rocks are just unbelievable.

We also found the iconic Icebergs restaurant that has the well known or well pictured pool.

While walking along the shops off Bondi, we came upon a restaurant called Speedos. Our first impression of the name was that people would be serving us in speedos but that was not the case. So, definitely kid friendly. They had these delicious looking pastries that were a mix between a donut and a croissant and filled with nutella which of course we had to try.

A neat natural pool.

We met back up with Disney early afternoon and headed for Tobruk Sheep Farm where we learned all about the dogs that herd the sheep, how they shear the sheep, and how to crack a whip (literally). I found out I’m a natural at cracking the whip!

Here’s the stockman making it look super easy.

Here’s me just trying not to hit myself with the whip. I was successful at the cracking part but not at looking graceful while doing it.

This is a neat video of the two dogs they train on the farm. One rounds up the sheep and herds them in and the other makes sure they don’t get stuck. And if they do, he gets down off the top of them and pulls one back by the leg to get them unstuck.

Me with the sheep.

Our Disney group had dinner on the farm

And a rhubarb apple crumble muffin like dessert.

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